Macy’s 2012 Trend Show: Public Relations Get’s an A+

6:30 A.M. is extremely early for me to wake up on any given Saturday. However, today was a special day and I did not want to miss any parts of it.

I am a part-time Beauty Adviser at my local Macy’s. Macy’s Inc. is known for the awesome events they conduct and participate in worldwide. Some of their most popular encounters include the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Flower Show.

My favorite event however is the Trend Show. What is a Trend Show you ask?

 A Trend Show is a fashion show exclusive to ticket buyers only, hosted by Macy’s. Typically, it highlights cosmetic and fragrance trends for the upcoming season. These beauty trends are then mixed in with new fashion trends and presented in the form of a fashion show. The day is filled with music, fashion, beauty and giveaways!

The day of the show each ticket holder received a gift bag filled with free samples of makeup and skincare products, continental breakfast, and were automatically entered into a raffle to win cool gifts from featured vendors, such as Chanel, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Shiseido, Carol’s Daughter, and Clinique; one gift retailed over $300!!

There was months of planning leading up to the Trend Show. As a Beauty Adviser, I had the privilege of taking part in the planning of such a huge event.

The day of the show, attendees arrived before the actual department store opened. They were welcomed with continental breakfast and a live jazz band. After breakfast, they were encouraged to direct their attention to the runway as the show was soon to begin.

The Trend Show itself was the actual public relations strategy being carried out by Macy’s. Customers were able to sit in comfy pink chairs and watch a trendy thirty minute fashion show.

After the Trend Show, customers were allowed to partake in the FREE makeovers and facials being offered at every cosmetic counter. This gave them the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Beauty Adviser and/or Skincare Specialist.

This experience was simply amazing! I was able to increase my clientele, market my counter and send many customers home with a smile on their face. Moreover, Macy’s did an excellent job interpreting consumer behavior, as most cosmetic customers love free stuff!

Overall, I think Macy’s was very successful! As reported by my department manager, the overall sales goal for the Cosmetic Department skyrocketed that day. The cosmetic department was overflowing with excited customers who were eager to buy.


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