True Story: I’m a Media Junky!

Have you ever logged into Facebook or Twitter because you were bored, just to find out there’s nothing exciting going on on either of your news feeds? So what do you do? You log out. Then, in a matter of minutes maybe even seconds, you find yourself logging right back in, thinking maybe, just  maybe something new has been posted.

Well, even if you don’t want to admit to such addictive behaviors, I know I do. I’m guilty of doing this about 20 times a day.

Thanks to my MCOM professor, I actually paid attention to my media usage for 2 days. It scared me to see how much media I actually use because most of it is voluntary .

After paying close attention to my patterns, I came to the conclusion that…….


Out of all of my observed habits, however, the one that surprised me the most was my cell phone usage.

Being that I have an iPhone, I find that I have no need for other forms of media because my phone delivers it all to the palm of my hand – emails, music, entertainment, news, social networks, everything!

I spend at least 16 waking hours on my phone ALONE (which means the only time I’m off my phone is when I’m sleep)!

Yet, even then, I  sleep with my phone charging right underneath of my pillow…just in case I do happen to feel it vibrate in the middle of the night. You never know! 😉

When I hit the gym, my phone has a first class seat in the water holder on the treadmill. The gym even does me a favor by placing a nice 24″ plasma TV right in front of my treadmill with closed captions, for my convenience of course.

When I’m at work, my phone is strategically placed between the cash register and my paper work, where my boss can’t see it of course. During class, well……just know that its never too far out of sight.

During those 16 hours I still  find time to complete other tasks such as homework, office hours, and extra curricular activities. However, I noticed that my phone is never too far.

I play Temple Run at least 20 times a day. I also check in on my virtual businesses at Restaurant City and Cafe World multiple times a day. Instagram is my go to place when I want to share what I’m eating for dinner or where I’m heading out for fun. Not to mention the series of emails, text messages and notifications I send and/or receive from my friends, family and other apps, such as Groupon and EBay.

Yet, contrary to popular believe, my phone, and most other forms of media, do not have negative impacts on my school performance or the way I learn and communicate. In fact, I find that I study better and get more household chores done with Pandora radio playing through my head phones.

Upon coming to Towson University I noticed a tremendous decrease in the amount of time I spend watching TV, being that I don’t have one in my dorm room. But, I’m sure if I could afford one, I would not think twice about purchasing one.

As of right now, my iPhone is my greatest asset. It goes every where with me. If I could take one thing with me to a deserted island, it would definitely be my cell phone. In this wired world, I personally believe that cell phones have become more of an asset than an accessory and far from a luxury.

Time away from my cellphone means time away from the world. I feel secluded…in a bad way. I feel like I’m missing out on important things.

Although I don’t think my symptoms are quite conclusive of being a cellphone addict, I don’t believe I am far from it, honestly, which makes me wonder, exactly how long can I last WITHOUT media, particularly my self.

Stay tuned for updates 😉


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