A Classic “Game” Gone Wild

How many of you remember how to play the classic game of telephone?

You know the rules: Everyone stands in a circle and a message begins to circulate from one person to the next. The ultimate goal is to have the last person of the chain relay the initial message aloud. Everybody then gets a kick out of how screwed up the message is, as the last person typically never says the original message.

In fact, this game should have been called “The Oral Game” or “Word of Mouth”.

As a child, never did we consider the literal meaning of this game. Instead, we played it merrily, anxiously awaiting the final saying and ultimately taking the original message for granted.

However, since then, the media has drastically changed…and so have the social aspects of many societies. Word of mouth has gone out of the window!

I shook my head in awe as I watched a film of Mass Communications history in my MCOM class. I felt so unappreciative. The media pathway was paved by many innovative people, and now I can’t help but think that the path has come to a repetitive, yet stagnant halt!

Have you ever wondered how the world would be without the many forms of media? Do you ever consider some channels and convergences of media to be too much?

I mean really, how much more media convergence will we possibly come up with before all remaining forms of social interaction are diminished?

The media is literally replacing all forms of face-to-face communication. More and more people are lacking basic conversational skills because of the many other ways to communicate. People are more obsessed with the apps of a phone, rather than the initial purpose of a phone – to make phone calls.

Social butterflies are no longer the people that love to communicate verbally. They are now the people that posts the most statuses on Facebook or Twitter.

And don’t get me started on the many wonders of television. Seriously, the number of channels offered on cable packages alone is just ridiculous! I can literally sit in my room all day and be satisfied with my remote, my laptop and my cell phone…that’s a problem.

Social communication among people today is much more narrower than ever before. My mom always compares her generation to my generation. Her reasoning for not wanting to upgrade from a PC to a laptop or from a flip phone to an iPhone is, and I quote, “don’t reinvent the wheel.” And she has a valid point.

The original purpose of media was to provide a source of communication, and while it has accomplished that goal, look at what else it has done. Statistics indicate that the literacy rates among people are being effected by the digital era.

Childhood obesity rates have also increased – “children obesity rates has doubled in the last thirty years.”  The youth of today are more interested in surfing the internet or playing the Xbox than receiving the proper exercise via recess and outdoor sports.

Basic communication skills are being left in the pre-revolutionary eras, which leaves me questioning the fate of our tomorrow.

While I may be guilty of upgrading my cellphone every time a new phone hits the market, I am still very social – the true definition of a social butterfly!

The excitement and bonding time that comes with story telling is no longer. Self-images are being distorted and social habits are vanishing. I’m nothing more but scared for the future of all societies during this digital rise!


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