Hi! I’m Tifphany Cantey (theMUAcosmo). I am currently enrolled at Towson University of as a Mass Communication, Strategic Public Relations major, with a minor in Business Administration. I am still intensely pursuing a career in the beauty industry. Last semester I took my first step into this field when I applied to be a weekly columnist for The Towerlight, my school newspaper, for my personal column entitled “Shear Perfection” where I cover similar topics as the ones you will find on my blogs. Not to mention, I still maintain a small clientele base which consist of my fellow peers and family members.

Why media? Why mass communications? Simple! The world we live in is steadily progressing! Technology is steadily changing and different people receive the same information in so many varying ways! Mass Media only makes sense! I consider it the root of all transactions and the first step of any major! Where would nursing, education, business, SPORTS be without mass media? My point exactly! ^_^

Im looking forward to a fun semester! Yay MCOM! *woo-hoo*

You can find me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, theMUAcosmo <—- See! Advertisements! LOL gotta love them!



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